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MySQL performance tuning

Even though there are lot of variables that you can tweak to improve the performance of MySQL, only few of them are more important. The main variables are :- innodb_buffer_pool_size :- This is very important variable if you are using InnoDB while comparing with MyISAM. InnoDB much more sensitive in the buffer pool size. Since… Read More »

MySQL and Storage Engines

Introduction MySQL is the most widely used open source relational database management system (RDBMS) and act as a database server providing multiple user access to number of databases. SQL means structured query language. The first version of MySQL was released on 23 May 1995 and was owned and sponsored by a Swedish Company MySQL AB… Read More »

Database backup and restore using mysqlhotcopy

For using mysqlhotcopy the database user must have RELOAD privilege. To set this we need root access of database. [root@server]#  mysql -u root -p Enter password : mysql > grant reload on *.* to <user_name>; mysql > \q There are two options for mysqlhotcopy. “allowold” and “keepold” –keepold :  keeps two copy of backup. One is <databasename> and… Read More »

Re-sizing EBS volume

In this blog am explaining how to re-size the EBS volume (not root volume) attached to an EC2 instance. Log-in to the AWS management console Select the region where the EBS volume already created. Go to the volumes section, click on the exact volume which you need to re-size and create a snapshot from that… Read More »