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Installation and configuration of OpenVPN server on Centos 6.8

This blog will help you with the installation and configuration of OpenVPN server on centos 6.8 on DigitalOcean OpenVPN server version : 2.3.14 CentOS Version : CentOS 6.8 1. Login to server and switch as root user $ sudo su – or $ su – 2. Install EPEL repository # rpm -Uivh 3. Update and install openvpn-server related packages… Read More »

Install Skype 4.2 on ubuntu

Skype allows people to communicate with each other by text messaging , voice and video calling over internet. It also provides an option to call to phone numbers if you have credits .Please click here to know more about skype . This blog  helps you to install Skype 4.2 on ubuntu based systems (32 bit/ 64bit).… Read More »

How to change default SSH port on Ubuntu server

The default port of SSH is 22.  To secure SSH more we need to change the port  . This blog helps you how to change default SSH port  on Ubuntu servers. 1. Switch as root user $sudo su – [sudo] password for user: 2. Open ssh configuration file #vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config 3. Change the line (Here… Read More »