Install NetApp OnCommand System Manger on centos

By | September 1, 2013

NetApp OnCommand System Manager is a grahical interface which helps us to manange netapp storage devices.

Here am explaining how to install the package on centos. I have searched on google to get this package for centos, but didn’t get any package. The packeage for ubuntu was availbale on google. So I have tried to convert the deb package to rpm  and it was successful. I used Alien for converting the package to rpm from deb. I hope this will help someone to install NetApp OnCommand System Manager on centos.


1. Switch as root user

$ su su  –

[sudo] password for user:


2. Install dependencies for Alien package

#yum -y install python rpm-build make m4 gcc-c++ autoconf automake redhat-rpm-config mod_dav_svn mod_ssl mod_wsgi

3. Install Alien package

#cd /usr/local/src/


#rpm -UVH alien-8.81-2.noarch.rpm

4. Download deb package and convert it into rpm using alien


#alien -r netapp-oncommand-sysmgr_2.0-1_all.deb

5. You can see an rpm file on current folder and install package using rpm

#rpm -uvh netapp-oncommand-sysmgr-2.0-2.noarch.rpm

6. Do the following to complete the installation

#cd /opt/NetApp/oncommand_system_manager/2.0
#cp system_manager.desktop ~/Desktop
#cd  /home/user/Desktop
#chmod +x system_manager.desktop

Now you can see an icon on user’s desktop and click on that to get the interface on browser.

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